“I was given permission to play as a child and to explore this role
with curiosity and joy. Stepping onto stage with a variety of artists
was like stepping into another world. This new world felt real enough
that the audience might just see it, participate in it,
and for just a moment, live in it.

Being a part of this production gave the artists and audience
an opportunity to be in an alternative space and time
that resonated with a deep message.”


"People blossomed under Kathy & Alistair's direction. They felt important, valued and appreciated as well as thankful to be included in a creative, vibrant, thought provoking performance.

I was amazed that a community of inexperienced performers could come together and within a few days of rehearsing know what they were supposed to do and do it well !"


"My first adventure into Star of the Sea Studios was with their production, "The Shining Seas." In this production I was cast as a beautiful fairy. I got to be free and allow my spirit to shine through. I met so many diverse people while working with Star of the Sea Studios.

I was beyond excited to be invited to join in another production, "Dragons in the Mountain" in which I was able to become a puppeteer. Working with these wonderful and amazing people who have such vision is just awe inspiring. I was able to donate time to help create some of the props being used. I learned some new skills and made lasting relationships. I will forever be blessed by the time I spent with my Star of the Sea Studios family, yes family is what we are !"


"Being a part of the theatrical production, "Dragons in the Mountains" with more than 75 performers and a sold out audience was a magical experience for my Expressive Arts graduate students and myself. Kathy and Alistair have an amazing ability to recognize and nurture the differing gifts of each participant, including those with little or no experience and limited abilities and to build community in a powerful way through the arts. Working with them was a wonderful experience. I have the deepest respect and admiration for their work."


"Our experience in participating in the Dragons in the Mountain production was extraordinary.  This was our first theatrical adventure and it could not have been better.  We were in a constant state of amazement as to the professionalism of the production and honored to be part of it.  The sets and the puppets were exquisite and awesome.  We connected with the theme of treasuring Mother Earth. So many of the cast members performed with skill and grace.  We were conscious that we were doing something beautiful, important and lots of fun.  Our excitement was shared by others who performed or assisted. We were a part of something larger than ourselves:  a community who worked together with kindness, mindfulness and joy.  Although it has been more than a year since the performances, we still carry with us a sense of participating in an event we will always remember and always cherish.

If we are invited to participate in another event produced by Star of the Seas, we will jump at the opportunity!"


"My experience began during a craft workshop to make Star Babies for the show. Making these Star Babies was delightful in multiple ways. Having grown up in a place where automobiles were mass produced influenced my inclination to initiate a production line of mass production. That process would have been "work".  When I was redirected to make my own individual Star Baby, the task became a labor of creative fun, joy, and pride.  Sharing the experience with the community of creative people present, tapped a synergy that turned the whole experience into a warm and friendly party.  Kathy was a positive and encouraging influence on the process that resulted in a collection of very unique and beautiful Star Babies in which we could each take pride.  Rather than competing, everyone seemed to be encouraging each other to create the most beautiful Star Baby ever.  All the wonderful energy that was put into this creation was then shared with the audience as part of the performance. They could not know the experience of how the Star Babies were born, but I think they could feel the creative energy they carried into the room.

 I also had fun wearing the Coyote costume and participating in the performance. I still have my picture in costume on my desk.  To become Coyote was a novel experience for me. Participating in the creation process and performing in front of an audience was an opportunity to experience a different part of myself.  Connecting with that creativity was extremely meaningful for me.  To experience that energy as part of a community served to heighten the value.  I would certainly encourage other people to participate in this process.  I hope I have the opportunity to participate in the future endeavors of Star of the Sea Studios."


"One might be mislead to think that having a minor part in "Dragons in the Mountain" would result in minor impact on my life. On the contrary, I enjoyed being part of this funky, artsy, talented community and being in such a professionally done yet home grown performance."