creative workshops and retreats

Our workshops are designed to inspire and support your creativity through intentional craft-play. Projects emphasize process over result, exploration over arrival. We always provide abundant and exciting materials to work with having discovered that much like in a kitchen, a dish is elevated with good ingredients.

We select projects focused to encourage inner exploration, instinctual creativity and joyful discovery.

Past Workshops 


Root Doll Making

In this workshop participants:

- Ceremonially discovered the sacred art of Root Dolls; wild beings fashioned from the living world and adorned with "found" elements from the woods.

- Learned how to make sacred objects in an intentional way.

Fantastical Halloween


In this workshop participants:
- Learned basic mask-making skills.
- Created an original fantastical mask of their own design decorated with an exotic mix of materials.


In this workshop participants:

- Nurtured their relationship with dreams.

- Built foundational skills including dream recall, dream journaling, personal symbolism and projective dream-work.

- Learned the traditional ceremonial art
of dream-catcher weaving.

- Created a dream-catcher inspired by traditional technique and infused with your own personal symbolism.

- Discovered the ways dreams help us to heal, change and guide us on a path of soul evolution.


- Creatively sorted  ancestral roots - What do I want to take forward? What do I want to shed?

- Explored personal symbolism playing with design and color.

- Used a rich mix of natural objects, beads, fabrics and trim to breathe meaningful
life into the healthy roots of their family tree.